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1. General Terms

1. Accreditation for the exhibitions, organized by “Expo-Park Exhibition Projects” LLC (hereinafter “Organizer”), is provided by Press Service of the Organizer for the purpose of objective coverage of an exhibition in the media, and to provide the necessary conditions for the professional activity of mass media representatives.

2. Accreditation is carried out on the basis of the provisions of the Constitution of Russian Federation, in accordance with the federal law on December 27, 1991 number 2124-1 “On mass media”, this Regulation, as well as with other regulations of the Russian legislation.

2. Conditions and Procedure for Accreditation of Media Representatives

1. The right to accreditation of their representatives at the exhibition has the media agencies, officially registered in Russian Federation in accordance with the federal law “On mass media”.

2. Press Service of the Organizer informs the media about the rules and dates for accreditation in advance.

3. The application for accreditation is passed to the Press Service of the Organizer on the official letterhead of the media agency, with the signature of the director and official seal.

4. The application must include: full name of the media agency, its founder or publisher, e-mail, mailing address (including zip code), business telephone numbers and fax numbers; surname, name and patronymic of the journalist in full, position, work (mobile) phone number.

5. The application for accreditation is accepted only in the original.

6. The decision on the accreditation is taken by the Head of Press Service of the Organizer on the basis of the submitted application.

7. Press Service has the right to deny accreditation to the media, not specialized in the field of news programs.

8. Accreditation of foreign journalists is carried out in accordance with this Regulation if journalists are accredited at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

9. Accreditation of the media representative is confirmed by the accreditation badge.

10. The accreditation badge is issued to an accredited media representative by Press Service of the Organizer for the period of the Exhibition.

11. Accreditation is denied in the following cases:

  • - the media representative has violated the rules of accreditation;
  • - the news story can obviously contain information discrediting the honor and dignity of the Organizer and/or exhibitors.

12. The accredited journalists are obliged to confirm their visit the day before the event by phone message to Press Service. Press Service officer accompanies journalists on the day of the exhibition.

3. The Rights and Obligations of Accredited Media Representatives

1. Accredited journalists have the right to:

  • - Receive information about the exhibition from the Organizer;
  • - Take photos and video at the Exhibition with the consent of the Organizer and exhibitors;
  • - Request the necessary information from the Press Service officers, including press conferences;
  • - Use video and photographs, provided by Press Service of the Organizer, in accordance with established procedure;
  • - Seek assistance of Press Service officers in the organization of meetings and interviews with the Organizers and participants of the exhibition.

2. Accredited journalists are obliged:

  • - To respect the rights and legitimate interests, honor and dignity, business reputation of all exhibitors and representatives of the Organizer;
  • - To comply with the rules of the photo and video recording;
  • - To use only documentary confirmed information, respect the universally accepted norms of journalistic ethics, as well as not to distribute the materials of a negative character, containing unproven criticisms regarding the participants and organizers of the exhibition;
  • - To comply with the requirements of Art. 51 of the Law “On mass media” on the prohibition to disseminate information in order to discredit a citizen or categories of citizens solely on grounds of sex, age, race, nationality, language, attitude to religion, occupation, place of residence and work as well as in connection with their political beliefs.

3. Accredited journalists and accredited media editors may request the information they need about the exhibition.

4. Depending on the nature and complexity of the requested information, it can be provided:

  • - by phone;
  • - directly at the oral request of the journalist;
  • - at written request of media agency.

4. Final Terms

1. These rules apply to all exhibitions organized by LLC “Expo-Park Exhibition Projects”.

2. All amendments to this Regulation shall be confirmed by a separate Regulation

Rules for Photo and Video Recording

1. General Terms

1. Only duly accredited representatives of the media are entitled to photo and/or video recording.

2. When carrying out a photo and/or video recording, accredited journalist is obliged to have the accreditation badge and ribbon issued by the Organizer prior to the shooting.

3. The journalist should pin the accreditation badge on his/her clothes, and attach the ribbon to the photo/video camera.

4. While at the Exhibition, the journalist (and/or a crew) is obliged to have the media-agency ID card, the accreditation badge, and ribbon attached to photo/video camera.

2. Photo and Video Recording at the Exhibition

1. A journalist (and/or a crew) shall coordinate the goal and material to be recorded with the Organizer of the exhibition.

2. General views of the Exhibition are recorded with the consent and after coordination with the Organizers of the exhibition.

3. When shooting directly at the stands of exhibitors, a journalist (and/or a crew) must first obtain verbal permission of the Participant for shooting the stand and the exhibited objects on it.

3. Final Terms

1. These rules apply to all exhibitions organized by LLC “Expo-Park Exhibition Projects”.