The theme of the exhibition-forum 2023:

ARCH MOSCOW is a communication platform that brings leading international and Russian architecture and design bureaus, developers, manufacturing companies and distributers of exclusive materials together. The curatorial team is known for its selective approach to thematical expositions, special projects, and participants which allows to form the high-level extensive business and educational program and to guarantee the consistent quality of the event. Every year ARCH MOSCOW becomes the main professional and cultural exhibition in Moscow.

More than 200 companies take part in the exhibition. ARCH MOSCOW is the best platform for establishing contacts in the sphere of architecture, design, development and construction. The business program of ARCH MOSCOW contains a whole series of events dedicated to the urban planning policy of the city of Moscow. In addition, ARCH MOSCOW holds various expositions and events demonstrating the most successful regional experiences.


• TO PRESENT new names and projects in the field of development, architecture and design to the general public

• TO PROMOTE the brand of Moscow, the city of large-scale cultural projects

• TO SUPPORT young architects and designers

• TO CREATE the unified discussion platform (urban planning, affordable housing, infrastructure development, protection of cultural heritage), to find solutions to acute problems of the industry as well as to establish business contacts.

Results of the 27th International Exhibition of Architecture and Design ARCH MOSCOW




Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow (MOSKOMARCHITEKTURA)

Department of Mass Media and Advertising of Moscow Government

General Builder


Exhibition center Gostiny Dvor is conveniently located for participants and visitors. It is located in the very centre of Moscow, with four tube stations in a walking distance: Okhotny Ryad, Teatralnaya, Ploschad Revolutsii, andf Kitay Gorod.


You may use the most convenient route:
“Okhotny Ryad”: go to exit № 7 directing to the Museum of the Patriotic War of 1812, walk straight ahead, passing the Historical Museum, the Red Square and GUM to Ilyinka street.
“Teatralnaya”: go to exit № 10 directing to the Museum of the Patriotic War of 1812, walk along Bogoyavlensky pereulok to Gostiny Dvor.
“Ploschad Revolutsii”: go to exit № 11 directing to Bogoyavlensky pereulok, walk along Bogoyavlensky pereulok to Gostiny Dvor.
“Kitai Gorod”: go to exit № 8 directing to Slavyansya ploschad, walk along Ilyinka street directing to the Red Square, or walk along Varvarka street directing to Moskvoretskaya naberezhnaya (embankment).
Visitors enter Gostiny Dvor from Ilyinka street, entrances №4 and 5, and from Varvarka street, entrance №16.
Disabled visitors enter Gostiny Dvor from Varvarka street, entrance №16. The Atrium of Gostiny Dvor is equipped with ramps.

1/ GUM Parking.
A nine-storey guarded parking lot with a total area of 17,000 square meters: seven floors above ground and two underground. The parking can accommodate 200 cars and is equipped with all necessary technical equipment. There is video surveillance, hand-washing and fire-extinguishing system.
Address: 3/8, Ilyinka Street, bldg. 1, 2.
Price: 300 ₽ per hour on Monday - Friday, 400 ₽ per hour on weekends and holidays.
Working hours: from 8:00 a.m to 11:00 p.m, on weekends from 9:00 to 23:00.

Be careful when going to late show in GUM Cinema: cars that didn't leave till 11 p.m. will stay in the parking till the morning, parking at night is charged at 300 per hour, on week-ends and holidays 400 rubles per hour.

2/ Zaryadye Park.
There is an underground parking for 430 cars in the park (entrance from Moskvoretskaya Street). 33 spaces are available for disabled persons.
Address: Varvarka Street, estate 6, Moscow, Russia, 109012
Opening hours: Daily, round the clock
Price: 250₽ per hour

3/ Moskovsky parking (Parking 0304)
Total spaces: 9 car places
Address: Ilyinka street, 4 (Gostiny Dvor)
Price: (including Sundays): from 08.00 a.m till 9.00 p.m - 450 ₽ per hour; 09.00 p.m till 08.00 a.m - 200 ₽ per hour
Opening hours: daily, round the clock.