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The main theme of ARCH MOSCOW 2018 – MODERNIZATION-2

“…Reality is that the existing Russian city is in bad need of repair, and will not become more sustainable by building a better city next to it… In the coming years or even decades, the task of architects and urbanists is not to build new cities on pristine land, but to deal with existing cities…
Modernization can be financed by making the city more efficient: by reducing energy consumption, by increasing density, by restructuring open space and by developing an economical and social infrastructure that will create jobs and improve the quality of life... 

We should focus on creating this new city from within: by modernizing the existing city”. 

Bart Goldhoorn, curator


    Nowadays architecture is more intelligible and accessible, applicable and familiar. Today, the architecture becomes understandable and accessible, applicable and close. In this section international and Russian bureaus exhibit their works and present their projects. A discussion room for meetings, discussions and workshops is in the immediate vicinity of this section.  

    The leading development companies of Russia take part in this section. This division is organized by curator and has its own design.

    The interest to individual interiors grows every year; they make up the lion’s share of today’s architectural market. ARCH Moscow presents top design offices and their works in a separate section. Specific examples and best practice will help to set up a lively dialogue with the visitors. The project will run a discussion area with consultations and workshops for visitors, as well as discussions for the participants.

    The section includes manufacturers and distributors of exclusive building materials and furniture. Companies present new collections and unique designs, enabling architects, designers and builders to realize the most vibrant designs. It is an area of an obligatory exclusive booth design, demonstrating the use of materials in architecture and design environment.

    This section includes the best lighting companies that offer the entire spectrum of equipment and services for architects and designers. Manufacturers and distributors of architectural and design lighting present their new collections and unique design. It is an area of an obligatory exclusive booth design, demonstrating the use of lighting products in the architectural and design environments.

    The section includes producers and distributors of innovative materials, lighting equipment, interior elements, small architectural forms, software, offering a complete range of products for architects, designers and decorators. This section provides the standard booths, which enable the budget and effective participation