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The main theme of ARCH MOSCOW 2018 – MODERNIZATION-2

“…Reality is that the existing Russian city is in bad need of repair, and will not become more sustainable by building a better city next to it… In the coming years or even decades, the task of architects and urbanists is not to build new cities on pristine land, but to deal with existing cities…
Modernization can be financed by making the city more efficient: by reducing energy consumption, by increasing density, by restructuring open space and by developing an economical and social infrastructure that will create jobs and improve the quality of life... 

We should focus on creating this new city from within: by modernizing the existing city”. 

Bart Goldhoorn, curator


The Central House of Artists (the CHA) is a famous exhibition center in Russia (Moscow) founded in 1980. It is a multifunctional complex with wide exhibition space, cinema/concert halls, press center, stores, restaurants, as well as an open courtyard. The CHA is oriented towards both Russian and foreign projects in the field of culture.

15000 sq.m. of exposition space
28 exposition halls
300 exhibitions held annually
1 million visitors annually

Address: The Central House of Artists
119049 Moscow,10 Krymsky Val